Luxury Retirement Living Sarasota

Retirement Vacation Ideas: How to Plan a Cruise

If you want to travel more now that you are retired, you have plenty of options to consider. Many retirees enjoy the all inclusive amenities cruises offer. But if you've never ...
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Cultural Activities to Explore in Sarasota

Sarasota is a lovely place all year long. With an average temperature in the 70s, it is easy for retired individuals to stay active any season of the year. There are plenty of ...
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A Step Back in Time: The History of Sarasota Bay Club

Today, the Sarasota Bay Club is the jewel of Sarasota’s luxury retirement communities. A leader among the many places to retire on the Gulf coast of Florida, Sarasota Bay Club has ...
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Host out of Town Guests: Guest Rooms Available at Your Luxury Sarasota Retirement Community

You want to visit your loved ones at the assisted living community in Sarasota, FL as often as possible, but hotels are expensive and there are not any other family members in ...
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Luxury Retirement With A Great View Of The Sarasota Bay: End Units Available

Waking up to the ocean every morning does not have to be a just a dream. Hearing the gentle waves wash against the shore followed by a blissful breeze and waving sound of the ...
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Best Independent Living Options for Seniors in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

For millions of Baby Boomers and their aging parents, the old notion that retirement should mean a stuffy, boring life is getting thrown out the door. Self-reliant, adventurous ...
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Tips for Seniors in Lakewood Ranch on How to Stay Active

Staying active and getting exercise is an important part of senior life. When you are looking for places to retire, look at locations that offer amenities that will help you stay ...
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Top 5 Restaurants in Lakewood Ranch to Enjoy with Your Family

When family comes to visit, there is nothing better than sharing a great meal together. However, catering to the needs and tastes of every member of the family can be difficult, ...
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How to Choose a Retirement Community if You Live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Investing in a retirement community may stir as many emotions as when you bought your first home. Just like shopping for your first home, as well, you face many taxing questions ...
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