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The Benefits of Aging in Place Versus Assisted Living Communities

In on-going debates about the benefits of moving to assisted living communities versus aging in place, emotions often get heated and judgmental attitudes often interfere with a ...
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5 Keys to a Happy Retirement

When you are looking forward to retirement, it is not uncommon to search for happiness. The years of hard work and long hours should mean a retirement full of happiness, joy, and ...
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The 4 Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors

As people age, it is more important to monitor potential health problems. Even though health concerns may appear at any age, seniors are more prone to a variety of conditions. ...
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4 Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle After Retirement

A healthy lifestyle after retirement is easy when you use these four tips:
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5 Things You Should Look for in a Luxury Senior Living Community

Finding the right senior living community is a major concern for retirees and their families. When choosing a retirement community, you will want to make sure that your loved one ...
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Socializing and Getting More Sleep Can Help Keep Your Brain Healthy

Socializing with friends in your retirement community helps raise your energy level while getting plenty of rest gives your system a chance to reset. It turns out that social ...
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Your Relationship With Your Parents Might Improve if You Stop Acting as a Caregiver

Daughter/son or caregiver: who do you want to be? There may come a time in your life as the adult child of an aging parent when you may have to slow down or even stop your ...
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How to Maintain your Social Life After Retirement

You work your whole life so you can enjoy not going to work, but for some people, the reality of retirement can be a tough pill to swallow. Work has become a place where you mix ...
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4 Ways to Connect With Your Grandkids This Summer From a Retirement Community

Today's kids are exposed to incredible amounts of new age communication that is unlike anything generations before them could have ever imagined. If you're trying to figure out ...
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