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4 Benefits of Speech Therapy for Seniors

by Sarasota Bay Club

Effective communication is essential for building strong relationships. Unfortunately, seniors who have difficulty speaking due to illness or aging face significant challenges in expressing themselves. Thankfully, speech therapy can help both young children and seniors develop better communication skills. In addition to enhancing their ability to communicate, speech therapy offers several other benefits for seniors. This post aims to provide insight into the advantages of speech therapy for seniors.

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1. Improves Swallowing Ability

Difficulty in swallowing is a condition known as dysphagia. Swallowing requires collaboration between the nerves and muscles and as we age this can become more difficult. Seniors with challenges swallowing their food have an increased risk of aspiration or choking. A recent study found that speech therapy is a key intervention in treating patients who struggle with swallowing. The patients showed a significant improvement in their swallowing as a result of speech therapy, and this significantly improved their quality of life.

2. Helps Treat Stroke And Other Related Disorders

Aphasia is a condition characterized by an inability to find the correct words to express emotions and thoughts. Stroke patients may suffer from aphasia and speech therapy can aid in helping them to improve their focus so that they can find the right words to express their emotions and thoughts.

Apraxia is a condition that is characterized by an inability to move lips correctly when forming words. Speech therapy is used to treat apraxia symptoms, and it involves stroke patients repeating multiple sounds that they can ultimately turn into words.

3. Improving The Quality Of Life

Many seniors become withdrawn when they have difficulties communicating. Isolation leads to loneliness and poses a significant health risk. However, with speech therapy, seniors can learn to regain their communication skills so that they can reconnect with their friends and families.

4. Helps Treat Memory Loss And Dementia Symptoms

Speech therapy can help seniors with memory loss or dementia learn strategies and exercises that can help them find the proper words when communicating. 

Overall, speech therapy for the elderly assists in retaining their problem-solving abilities even if they suffer from memory loss. Speech therapists collaborate with family members to develop effective strategies to help patients in facilitating communication when they suffer from a decline in their cognitive abilities.

The Inn at Bayshore Place provides an integrated continuum of healthcare services, such as speech therapy programs, to help patients regain their maximum function and independence. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your loved one.

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