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The Importance of Future Care Options at Your Independent Living Community

by Sarasota Bay Club

future of care options at your independent living communityRetirement is an exciting time in someone's life, and the right retirement community can enhance a senior's lifestyle. With a wide range of activities and social connection in addition to quick access to healthcare, a retirement community creates the ideal environment for aging with ease and joy.

However, even healthy adults can suddenly be faced with serious illnesses or injuries that can impact their ability to care for themselves. When this happens, having a more supportive community with assisted living or memory care services may be necessary.

We all wish our parents and aging relatives could live independently like they have for decades, but that's not always the case. And when it's not, it's important for them to receive the care they need and deserve so that their time is spent in as much comfort and with as much dignity as possible.

That's why choosing an independent living community with a focus on future care options can be beneficial.

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Assisted Living

Each assisted living resident has different needs, and our skilled staff are trained to care for those needs. We don't insist on helping with a task for which the resident needs no help, but we don't allow them to struggle with anything that requires assistance. Our companions are always there with patience, compassion, and expert knowledge to help residents with tasks like getting dressed, bathing, and more.

Meals are served regularly, but the kitchen is always open so residents can eat when they're hungry. We focus on creating personalized experiences to help each resident maintain as much independence as possible while enhancing their lifestyles with their own preferences.

And your family member is never far away. You're welcome to visit and join them for meals, and we have a camera in the common area that you can access, with a password, 24 hours a day to help ease your mind about how your parent is doing.

Memory Care

This type of assisted living requires a little more attention and experience. Our community is designed for safety and to minimize confusion. Our skilled professionals again focus on a personalized experience, because not every case of cognitive degeneration is the same. Each resident deserves a program that perfectly suits his or her needs for nutrition, exercise, socialization, recreation, safety, and healthcare, and that's a promise we take seriously.

We're there to help your loved one thrive, and to live at the optimum level that her health allows.

The Benefits of Future Care Options

Some people choose to care for their aging relatives in their own homes, but it's important to note that this is not an ideal situation for everyone. It requires a considerable amount of time, patience, and knowledge that you may or may not have. In some cases, you might have to make alterations to your home to accommodate a relative's needs.

There's no need to feel guilty for seeking assisted living or memory care for your parent. In fact, it's often a healthier choice for both of you. Full-time caregiving can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you're not operating at your full potential, it not only impacts the quality of your care, but it affects your home life, career, and other relationships.

Maybe your parent will never need assisted living or memory care, but if they do, it's nice knowing you don't have to do more research, visit more campuses, and plan a big move that may be unsettling or confusing for your parent. Having assisted living or memory care on-site makes for an easy transition, and helps you avoid delay when it becomes necessary.

If you have any questions about how we ease the transition from independent living to assisted living or memory care, please contact us. We'd love to welcome you for a visit at The Inn at Bayshore Place so you can see what we have to offer your parent in case assisted living or memory care is something he or she needs.

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