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Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

by Sarasota Bay Club

Moving into assisted living is a huge change for seniors and their loved ones. Much goes into consideration besides the obvious concerns, including your view on assisted living. While assisted living communities provide practical and effective solutions to seniors looking for a peaceful and hassle-free retirement, it carries the burden of myths and misconceptions. Below are the top common misconceptions about assisted living.

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Assisted Living Takes Away Your Independence

On the contrary, the quality of your life will improve with assisted living. An independent assisted living community provides seniors with the necessary support to support their independent lifestyles. As such, you can still live your life as you prefer within the assisted living community.

Most assisted living communities allow residents to come in and go as they please. In addition, they have access to a wide range of social activities they can participate in. Ideally, assisted living communities let you live independently but with help on standby, especially with basic important functions such as movement.

You Won't Be Able to Entertain Guests

An assisted living community appeals more like a home away from your home. Generally, rules exist to keep members safe and healthy. However, they don't keep you locked away from outside people. Seniors are more than welcome to have guests visit and some communities even have special rooms for hosting. 

You Will Have to Give Up Your Pet

Pets are integral parts of the normal social setting. Having a pet can be a stress reliever and mood booster. Pets can help you feel less lonely. In addition, it keeps you responsible and active as a senior, especially if you tend to live a sedentary lifestyle.

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Assisted Living Isn't Safe Enough

This is an easily debunked misconception about assisted living, especially since almost every assisted living center has security guards. Living alone exposes you to the risks of insecurity. Conversely, assisted living offers a safe and secure environment to live in without stressing about your safety. In addition, you have ready access to responsive and understanding staff in case of personal safety or security concerns.

Assisted living has existed for decades to help seniors live a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. Still unsure about assisted living? Schedule a private tour and experience what makes assisted living such a great choice for seniors and see firsthand all the amenities and services at Sarasota Bay Club.

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