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How a Positive Staff Relationship Improves the Community Experience

by Sarasota Bay Club

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For all of those who live in retirement or assisted living communities, it is essential that the atmosphere is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. While many can understand that comfort is influenced by material surroundings (how a room is furnished, for instance; or the levels of cleanliness that are maintained, quality of the food, etc.), another factor that has a significant influence on the comfort and well-being of the resident clients is the way that staff members treat them, and the way that staff members treat each other.

Hyper-independent or spiteful staff can surely cause a fair share of stress amongst each other, and stress will inevitably spill over into the lives of the residents as well (an extra burden that is unnecessary and harmful for everyone); but when co-workers can perform their daily tasks with consideration and attentiveness to each other, it creates an efficient and magnetic environment, not only among the employees, but also for the residents; just as an orchestra does not produce beautiful music simply because the individual musicians can play their instruments well, but because they play their instruments in perfect unity as a team that follows the lead of their conductor, and the results speak for themselves. In the same way, every employee should know how to live out their profession with skill, passion, and competence; and this includes their skills of interaction with the other employees.

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We all long to live around people who care about the needs and concerns of others. When there is contention between two individuals, it is going to have a negative effect on anyone who witnesses it, regardless of whether they are directly involved or not. Contention undermines the integrity of the community, and lays the groundwork for many undesirable events such as, vengeful behavior, destruction or misuse of property, and distractions from the proper care of the clients; ultimately the decision of clients to leave the home.

On the contrary, a unified workforce provides a high level of accountability, integrity, and encouragement that will do wonders for the over-all morale of the group, and consequently for those affected by the group.

We Recognize the Importance of Nurturing Good Relationships Among Our Staff

The family here at Sarasota Bay Club strives to maintain the best environment for both employees and the residents by emphasizing honesty and loyalty, especially among co-workers. We all need encouragement and redirection from time to time; the kind advice of a friend is often all it takes to rethink the urge to perpetuate a conflict. Of course, it's just part of life that conflict will arise, and sometimes it is legitimate; but having at least some of knowledge and understanding in conflict resolution has helped resolve issues in a way that builds respect for all those involved.

Many residents of retirement centers become good friends with those who care for them; sometimes these friendships help residents recover from the pain and loss of family members; it relieves the loneliness that comes from leaving home to settle in a new place. But when all of the staff members have come to a level of maturity where they look out for each other and are quick to help one another out when the opportunity arises, the overflow of caring creates a warm glow of comfort that fills the atmosphere and all the residents with the assurance of genuine family-like love. This is what life is all about, no matter where you reside; and when such a place is found, few things can convince you to leave it.

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