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Is Dementia a Normal Part of Aging?

by Sarasota Bay Club

is dementia a normal part of agingMany of the effects of aging are inevitable and occur regardless of factors like gender and race. Those effects include changes to the brain. Changes to the brain as we age may cause us to become forgetful. According to one estimate, roughly 40 percent of individuals over age 65 have some form of cognitive impairment. In many cases, that impairment is just the normal byproduct of losing receptors and a decrease in neurotransmitters; however, sometimes the cause is Dementia.

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What is Dementia?

Dementia is a collective term used for various cognitive impairments, including difficulties with communication and thinking. These are major issues that differ from the minor impairments that come with getting older.

How to Differentiate Between Normal Aging and Dementia

Here are a few examples of how normal aging and Dementia can differ:

  • Someone who is aging normally can expect to have trouble remembering the details of conversations or events that took place more than a year ago. With Dementia an individual may not be able to recall details of recent conversations or events.

  • Someone who is aging normally will be able to explain the instances where they have been forgetful. A person with Dementia will have trouble remembering the fact that they have memory loss.

  • Normal aging resulting in an individual being more concerned about their memory loss than others around them are. Dementia results in those around an individual being more aware of and concerned about their memory loss than they are.

Solutions for People with Dementia

  • Home Care
    This is ideal for people in the early stages of dementia. Hiring a home care professional is important as it helps to prevent the stress that caring for someone with Alzheimer's can cause for a family.

  • Eldercare or Friendship Centers
    This option provides your loved one with the care they need as well as the ability to socialize. This is another option for the early stages of Dementia.

  • Assisted Living
    As the disease progresses, an individual with Dementia will need a higher level of care. Assisted living can offer services like housekeeping and personal care assistance. Many assisted living communities offer safety & security as well to prevent wandering.
Talk to your doctor to learn more about the differences between normal aging and Dementia. For people with Dementia, the right independent living community can offer a high quality of life and ensure that they receive the care they need. 

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