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The Most Important Things to Know About Aging Alone

by Sarasota Bay Club

senior man reading in roomThere are many people who never envision themselves being alone as they age. It could be that the thought simply never occurred to them. Or, it is possible that the aging person is widowed and has no children, or the children live very far away. It could even be that the elderly person has outlived their children and all other family members, such as brothers and sisters.


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There are numerous reasons as to why someone is alone as they age. Although most people do not anticipate this happening to them, the reality is, that it does. It is best to prepare yourself in advance. Most people don't plan to age alone and find themselves in an unexpected situation. Let's talk about the most important things to know about the process of aging alone.

Have Many Reliable Buddies Nearby

Make sure you have some people who are close to you that you can rely on. Unfortunately, you never know when you are in a serious predicament and need help. Make sure these people know that you are depending upon them in case of an emergency. Find someone who can give you rides to various places if needed, and even someone who can stay overnight or for several days should you need them to. Always keep in touch with all of your buddies to make sure they are still able to assist you. You never know when someone's life situation could change, so it is best to be aware of this.


Have a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is critical. It can be someone close to you, or even an attorney who could fulfill this role. Consider who you'd like to be your power of attorney, and form this important relationship as soon as possible.


Consider Your Expenses

If you plan to stay in your home forever, can you afford to make modifications as needed, such as ramps or a stair lift? Make sure you have your finances in order and anticipate the costs that come along with aging alone.


Will You Need Help With Daily Activities?

The day may come when you need help with your daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and self-care. Is there someone who can help you on a regular basis? It may be a good idea to appoint someone early on to help with your day to day needs should the time come. Or, make arrangements in advance to hire a care manager or personal assistant who can help.


Will You Need Help With Transportation?

At some point in time, you may not be able to continue driving. How will you get to the grocery store, doctors appointments, and other necessary places? It is helpful to speak to the people in your life well in advance in order to find someone or even several people, who are willing and available to transport you to all of the places you need to go.


Prepare a List of Professionals

Have a list of professional contacts prepared, since you never know when you may need them! In addition to doctors, be sure to include an attorney, a real estate agent, an accountant, and any other contacts that you think you may need.


Have Some Companions

Form relationships with companions who will be by your side when you need them! Whether you have neighbors with whom you enjoy talking, or a group of friends that gather at your house every now and then for coffee and conversation, keep in mind that companionship is important! Make sure that these relationships are a priority since you will value them tremendously as you age.

Aging alone doesn't have to be difficult. Consider in advance how you will handle the aspects of your life, and talk to the necessary people who can help. If you need more information or if you have any questions, contact us today.

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