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Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

by Frank Herold

It used to be if you were retired, you lived out your remaining years in your home until you became too ill to care for yourself. At that point, the difficult decision would be made to move in with one of your children or into a care center. Today, retirement communities that offer assisted living options are often a great fit for seniors who are capable of taking care of themselves but enjoy the company and daily activities with their peers, or may still need some assistance. Unfortunately, people may dismiss this as an option because of misconceptions they might have about assisted living communities.

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Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

1. You Will Experience a Loss of Independence

The goal of assisted living is to give seniors the ability to live as independently as possible. The level of help that you or your loved one needs can be customized to their ability levels and always adjusted when needed.

2. It’s Depressing and You’ll Be Lonely

This couldn’t be any further from the truth since there are numerous activities going on throughout the week that you can participate in. Amenities like a heated pool, bar and lounge, card and game rooms, and an art studio, or joining clubs allows you to remain active and interact with those that may share similar life experiences with you.

3. You Can’t Entertain Guests

With private dining rooms available for residents, you can still entertain and celebrate special occasions with family and friends at your new assisted living community in Sarasota.

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4. You Have to Give Up Your Pet

Being able to have a pet can be important to keeping you active and for your wellbeing. Not all assisted living communities require you to give up your pet.

5. It’s Not Safe Enough

Unlike living alone in your home, living in a retirement community with assisted living options provides you with a safe and secure living community. Apartments come with smoke detectors and other safety features, as well as having onsite staff always available for emergency situations.

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