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What are The Differences Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

by Sarasota Bay Club

DifferencesBetweenDementiaandAlzheimer’s.jpegWhen it comes to the terms Dementia and Alzheimer's many people are confused about what each one entails. In fact, they share many symptoms, making them hard to understand for many people. Ultimately Dementia is a term that describes a wide range of diseases that affect cognitive ability, especially among the elderly. Alzheimer's is one specific disease under this umbrella that deals mainly with memory and language.

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Both Dementia and Alzheimer's are diagnosed using a series of brain activity scans and cognitive tests. However, a diagnosis of Dementia should be regarded as a general diagnosis of symptoms which may be caused by any of a number of diseases. Thus, further testing is required to reach a conclusion of Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's or another disease, each of which impact a different range of cognitive abilities.


Another important difference between Dementia and Alzheimer's is the treatment. As a rule, Alzheimer's treatment is centered around maintaining comfort and a full life as the disease progresses over time. This means learning how to cope with memory loss and confusion, and typically results in moving to an assisted living or retirement community that has full time care on staff. With Dementia there are some forms that are caused by vitamin deficiencies or other health problems and can be treated effectively with medications. In addition, since other forms of Dementia affect different sets of cognitive abilities, some patients with a Dementia diagnosis are able to continue independent living with minimal care.

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