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5 Tips for Downsizing: Preparing for Retirement Home Living

by Sarasota Bay Club

Moving into a retirement community is an exciting new adventure, but with it comes a lot of stress as, most of the time, it involves downsizing and having to decide what to take with you. It’s difficult to part with things we’ve had for so long, but, with the right attitude and guidance, you can turn this difficult time into something positive and constructive.

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Downsizing Tips: Preparing to Move into a Retirement Community

1. Start Packing Early

Give yourself plenty of time for a walk down memory lane and enjoy the things you may have to give up. Even the items that don't have sentimental value still have a history and it’s OK to take moments to appreciate them. 

Starting early also gives you plenty of time to make tough decisions on what to keep, what to sell, and what to give away. It also ensures you are able to properly tackle everything you need to do, avoiding added stress that comes with a time crunch.

2. Set Realistic Goals

If you’re prone to hoarding or finding it difficult to separate yourself from certain things, set a goal to go through one closet, or even one drawer, per day and make the decisions little by little. 

By starting early, you can set reasonable goals and not feel rushed to make decisions. The size of the goal depends on you, your available time frame, and the number of items to tackle. Build in more time than you think you will need. There are always more things than you think and more interruptions than anticipated. 

3. Find Proper Storage for Stuff You Want to Keep

If you’re finding a lot of things you just can’t part with but won’t have room to keep in your new home, it’s OK to find a different storage solution like a self-storage locker to keep everything in until you make room or find a more permanent solution. 

4. Be Purposeful With Your Decisions

With each item you decide to keep, be purposeful in your decision. What function will that item serve in your new space? Where will it live? Does it have a physical or emotional purpose? Can it be replaced if you don't save it and find you need it? Is there someone else you know that would better benefit from it? 

Answering these questions will help sort out the purpose and place for each item in your new place before you ever arrive. This will not only help in your decision-making but will make settling into your new place that much easier. 

5. Be Generous, Give Back, and Donate

Once you decide the items you are willing to part with, whether it be to a family member or charity, set them aside. Don't do anything. Give yourself some time for out of sight, out of mind. Make a note on the calendar, and then move the items on to their new home. This gives you time to realize you haven't missed these items and likely won't miss them. 

By giving yourself some breathing room before passing them on to the next owner, you will feel more confident and more generous in your actions. Don't forget to get receipts for charitable donations. 

Starting a new life at a retirement community like Sarasota Bay Club is exciting and we’re committed to providing the services and amenities you need to not only make a smooth transition, but also enjoy every moment in your new home.

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