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5 Apps That You Can Download to Exercise Your Brain

by Sarasota Bay Club

Apps to Exercise Your BrainMuch like socializing, exercising your brain can have a lot of positive impacts as you age – including decreasing the risk of Alzheimers. Learning a new skill, taking up a hobby such as gardening, and taking control of your environment through organizing and decorating are all great ways to give your brain a workout... but if your health doesn't lend itself to these activities, if the weather is bad, or if you're just looking for a fun and easy way to stretch your mental muscles, try downloading these 5 apps to your smartphone or tablet:

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1.Fit Brains
Developed by neuroscientists working with the team behind Rosetta Stone, the Fit Brains games and exercises stimulate your mind from 6 different angles: logic, memory, focus, speed, language skills, and visual processing. It also responds to your performance in each area, developing a training regimen fit to your needs.

2. Duolingo
Learning a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth...) language doesn't just open up opportunities for travel and new pen pals. It improves your brain power, and has been correlated to some degree of prevention against Alzheimers and dementia. Duolingo offers you the chance to pick up a new language... and then to pay that back by collaborating with others on translation projects.

3. Lumosity
This popular set of games tests your problem-solving skills, as well as your attention spa and flexibility of thinking. Play against the clock, track your progress, and compare your scores with others – maybe form a game club with your Sarasota friends!

4. Happify
You can exercise your brain in more ways than one. Happify trains you how to disrupt negative thinking patterns, reduce your stress, and view the world in a more positive, productive way. Worrying, after all, is a drain on your brainpower.

5. Eidetic
If you're worried about your memory, or you just want to become a remembering whiz, Eidetic uses scientifically-proven methods to help you memorize anything from phone numbers to foreign words.

Your quality of life can improve dramatically if you exercise your brain, and your relationships might thank you, too. Try out these apps, and connect with other brainy seniors at Sarasota Bay Club! Contact us today to learn more.

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