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The Fun and Friendship at Sarasota's Senior Social Clubs

by Sarasota Bay Club

At Sarasota Bay Club, friendship flourishes and every day is an invitation to indulge in a vibrant community atmosphere. If you're considering moving into a retirement home, Sarasota Bay Club is an ideal independent living community for seniors seeking lots of local activities, new friendships, and a healthy aging lifestyle.

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If you're considering moving into a retirement home, Sarasota Bay Club is the ideal independent living community for seniors seeking lots of local activities, new friendships, and a healthy lifestyle. With Downtown Sarasota just a stone's throw away, residents are easily able to explore the vibrant shops, exquisite dining, and lively entertainment scene. 

With so much to do, it's hard to know where to start! Here's a rundown of Sarasota Bay Club's social scene:


Senior Social Clubs In Sarasota

  • Sarasota Newcomers Club (SNC): This non-profit is specifically for Sarasota residents who are new to the community. For anyone wanting to meet new friends with familiar interests, you may want to try out the Sarasota Newcomers Club (SNC), "your bridge to new friendships".
  • Dancing on the Suncoast: If dancing is something you have always wanted to try, Dancing on the Suncoast will have you gliding, stomping, or twisting in as many lessons as you want to take.  As a couple or single, your instructors will show you how to command the dance floor. 
  • Sarasota Senior Softball Association: Like dancing, playing ball is a great way to stay active. For anyone ready to step up to the home plate, Sarasota Senior Softball Association is always looking for new players. There is always action on the softball field, and if you don't want to join a team, you can always come out to cheer for your favorite team.
  • Senior Friendship Centers: Senior Friendship Centers give seniors a comfortable place to meet others from around Sarasota and Venice to participate in all kinds of daily activities. From having coffee with friends to enjoying fun on the dance floor, there are a variety of activities to do with old and new friends. Six-month and annual memberships are available, with a calendar full of activities to enjoy. 


SaraSota Singles Events 

Sometimes it's fun to mingle with other singles. An exclusive club for seniors from 40 to 80, Sarasota Singles Society offers a more comfortable and upscale setting than traditional bars and online dating. From dining and dancing to planned trips, members have a wide variety of opportunities to meet other singles and make new friends. 


Fitness and WEllness Activities 

At Sarasota Bay Club, our social calendar is always full of activities. With so many of our residents eager to stay active, we have a selection of fitness classes designed to promote healthy aging.

It's also the perfect opportunity to meet other seniors who value a healthy lifestyle as much as you do. Here are a few of our fitness classes to try out:

  • Zumba Gold: Dance to the rhythm of good health with modified moves suitable for all.
  • Tai Chi: Find your balance and inner tranquility through gentle movements.
  • Balance Class: Enhance your stability and confidence in daily activities.
  • Chair Aerobics: Get fit while seated with this low-impact, high-energy workout.
  • Pool Exercise: Make a splash with our fun aquatic workouts.
  • Stretch & Relax: Keep flexible and unwind with guided stretching and relaxation techniques.


Classes, Lectures, & Workshops

Keeping your mind sharp is just as important as your body for promoting healthy aging. If you enjoy chatting about intellectual topics, try out one of our classes or lectures.

Learn something new while meeting curious and like-minded people who are eager discuss educational topics and challenge your mental agility. See if any of these educational and social offerings spark your interest:

  • Learn to Play Bridge: Master the strategies of this classic card game.
  • Art Lectures: Gain insights into masterpieces and movements.
  • Brain Games: Engage in fun activities designed to keep your mind alert.
  • Poetry Group: Revel in the beauty of verse with fellow poetry enthusiasts.
  • Current Affairs Social Club: Discuss and debate the issues of the day.
  • Creative Writing Classes: Express your thoughts artistically in written form.
  • Town Hall Visits: Engage with inspiring speakers, like Misty Copeland.
  • History Lectures: Delve into fascinating chapters from the past.


Senior social groups & Gatherings

While clubs and classes are a good way to meet new people, social gatherings and groups help you step into a community that shares your specific interests. At Sarasota Bay Club, you can fill your free time with social events that are simply focused on fun.

Enjoy the company of peers during a variety of social events on our calendar:

  • Happy Hour: Mix and mingle over delightful drinks.
  • Comedy Hour: Share laughter with neighbors and beloved comedians.
  • Afternoon Tea: Savor tea-time classics in good company.
  • Wine & Cheese Party: Relish a sophisticated soirée with fine pairings.
  • Ice Cream Social: Indulge in sweet treats as you socialize.
  • Conversation Café: Engage in lively talks over coffee.
  • Evening Social: Unwind in a relaxed atmosphere after the sun sets.
  • Trivial Pursuit Dinner & Game Night: Enjoy delicious cuisine coupled with a spirited game night.


Enrichment & Cultural Events

Looking for something to do with your friends or social group? Sarasota Bay Club is a hub of cultural engagement, offering a calendar filled with liesurely activities that offer a fun way to explore arts and culture.

  • Evening Movie: Watch cinematic favorites and new releases alike.
  • SO Masterworks Concerts: Experience classical masterpieces come to life.
  • Music Performances: Delight in live violin, piano, and jazz ensembles.
  • Theatrical Plays: Immerse yourself in compelling stage performances.
  • Art Discussions: Share insights with curators and art enthusiasts during social events.
  • Live Vocal & Instrumental Shows: Enjoy performances by exceptional local artists.


Recurring Outings with Your Social Group

Plan something to look forward to every week or month. Explore the beautiful Sarasota area or run errands with your friends with our regularly scheduled outings and excursions. 

  • Grocery Shopping: Stock up and explore local markets together.
  • Cultural Museum Visits: Discover art, history, and more on curated outings.
  • Shopping Trips: Visit top malls and boutiques for a well-rounded retail experience.
  • Local Theater Nights: Enjoy an evening stepping out to enjoy Sarasota's thriving theater scene.


When you live at Sarasota Bay Club, you never have to go far to enjoy meeting and mingling with others. The monthly calendar is always full of events and social activities to keep you busy with a community of friends. It’s a place where every resident is embraced as part of our close-knit community—the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories and new friendships.

Sarasota Bay Club is a full-service retirement community offering exceptional amenities and services. Our community isn't just about luxury living, we want you to make the most of your retirement years with fun, exploration, and lasting friendship. Schedule your personal tour today and discover what it's like to be part of the social scene at Sarasota Bay Club.

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