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Attributes of Safe Sarasota Shops to Look for Before Going Out

by Sarasota Bay Club

Does it make you nervous to dine out, get your hair done, or do the grocery shopping? Many establishments around Sarasota are implementing safety guidelines to help protect the health of their customers, but not everywhere is following them closely. Here are some things you should look for before deciding whether or not to go shopping, dining, or to the salon.

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Restaurants: Social Distancing, Masks, Hygiene Protocols

Many restaurants are reopening with social distancing measures in place and outdoor dining options. Food prepared in a restaurant is generally safe, but check out the restaurant's website beforehand to read through their cleaning guidelines for the pandemic. 

According to health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no evidence that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is transmitted through food, though.

In addition to patronizing restaurants in person, ordering curbside pickup or delivery has become a popular option. 

So, here is what you should look for in a safe restaurant:

  • Employees wearing masks
  • Cleaning and Hygiene Protocols
  • Properly spaced tables and limited capacity
  • Curbside pickup or delivery options

Salons: Wear a mask, Appointment Only, and Limited Capacity

Many salons are operating on an appointment only basis. Hair salons do not have the luxury of space that restaurants enjoy, and consequently cannot implement social distancing measures on the same level.  They are simply not able to accommodate social distancing measures in their waiting rooms. 

Fixed barbering chairs prevent hair salons from implementing social distancing measures as easily as restaurants. They have adapted by shifting to appointments rather than offering walk-in services. This ensures that the waiting room isn't unexpectedly crowded. 

When you arrive for your appointment the waiting room will be capable of allowing social distancing between the few people there at the same time. Employee and customer safety is so important to salons that they are going the extra mile to keep you safe

Conscientious salons and stylists are installing dividers between styling stations. Face masks are required for employees and clientele. If you forget one, most salons have them available for purchase. Wearing a mask is important because you are in very close proximity to the stylist.

Here’s what you should look for in a safe salon:

  • Stylists wearing masks
  • Limited capacity or appointment only scheduling
  • Dividers between chairs and social distancing

Grocery Shopping: Look for Proper COVID Guidelines

If you are nervous about grocery shopping, following these tips should help you find your comfort zone. 

  • Explore shops that have less foot traffic
  • Avoid shopping at peak times
  • Plan ahead and shop for festivities before the rush
  • Try curbside pickup or grocery delivery services
  • Mask mandates for everyone in the store
  • Social distancing measures like one-way aisles and spaced checkouts
  • Proper shopping card cleaning 

At Sarasota Bay Club, we’re proud to offer our residents many convenient options to help get us through these trying times, including grocery service, meal delivery, and more. Learn more about our COVID guidelines and schedule a private tour today to see it for yourself.

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