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Dining on a Farm-Fresh Diet: The Senior's Guide to Locally Sourced Food in Sarasota

by Sarasota Bay Club

Even though adequate nutrition is vital for seniors, not everyone has a green thumb or the space to grow their own produce. Regularly eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help you strengthen your cognitive functions, immune functions, energy levels, bones, and muscles, and even reduce the effects of medical conditions like diabetes and cancer.

Luckily, farm-fresh food is readily available in grocery stores, restaurants, and cooking classes all over our lively community. Not to mention Sarasota’s weekly farmers market! So, if you’re a senior looking for a restaurant where you can eat flavorful and nutritious dishes, let’s get started. 

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Farm-TO-Table Restaurants

In these farm-to-table restaurants, all their main ingredients are locally sourced and taste fresh, robust, and flavorful. It's a great way to connect with the local environment and experience dishes that perfectly blend with Sarasota's seasons and local culture. 

Here are some of the best local farm-to-table restaurants in Sarasota:

  • Boca Sarasota: They prioritize sourcing their ingredients from local farms and fishermen. Local ingredients mean less processing, the ability to be harvested at peak ripeness, and fewer preservatives and chemicals.
  • Indigenous: Grass-fed beef is a critical component when factoring in healthy meat-eating habits. This sort of beef contains lower levels of saturated fat, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and provides more antioxidants.
  • Organic Farmers Table: Perfect for managing food sensitivities, Organic Farmers Table is committed to focusing on organic cooking practices. All their food is free of GMO hydrogenated fats, pesticides, artificial food coloring and flavoring, antibiotics,  hormones, and refined vegetable oils.



Sarasota Farmers Market

Take a walk through the Sarasota Farmers Market where you can some fresh air, sunlight, and all the healthy ingredients you need. When you use locally sourced, in-season produce for your home-cooked meals, you’re getting a well-balanced diet, full of vitamins and minerals.

Located along N Lemon Avenue, the Sarasota Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 7 am to 1 pm.




Fun Cooking Classes in Sarasota

Understanding various ingredients and learning how to cook independently helps promote healthy eating in several ways. It empowers individuals to make mindful nutritious choices, controls ingredient usage, and fosters a healthy and balanced diet. Cooking classes are a great way to begin this culinary journey.

  • Giuliano Hazan offers hands-on and delicious Italian cooking classes. Perfect for those who enjoy a delightful glass of wine as they cook their pasta.
  • Publix Aprons Cooking School offers convenient and free online tutorials for a multitude of delicious recipes. Watch from your kitchen, pause while you’re cooking, or rewind with ease. This online cooking class is perfect for beginners or even cooking parties.
  • Mazzone is another Italian favorite that focuses on locally grown food. Their olive oil education classes are another entertaining way to learn about an ingredient that's used in many dishes.

Being surrounded by healthcare workers and staff who are committed to healthy eating is a critical piece in ensuring healthy aging. Healthy eating ensures residents not only enjoy their golden years with vitality but also experience improved overall well-being at Sarasota Bay Club. Download our brochure to learn more about our dining menu and room, where menus are meticulously planned.

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