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How Seniors Can Use Siri, Apple's Assistant, to Make Life Easier

by Sarasota Bay Club

It can be intimidating trying to learn and adapt to all the new technology arising in today's digital age. Thankfully, with these advancements come more efficient features that have revolutionized how our senior loved ones can integrate them into their daily lives. Siri is a voice-controlled application, known as Apple's assistant, that is built into almost every Apple device. She is artificial intelligence in the form of a voice that makes it easy for users to make device "commands" and interact with other applications.

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How Siri's Artificial Intelligence Works

Over the years, Siri has advanced along with technology, so her features are more seamless than ever before. The idea with Siri is that you can talk to her like anyone else. She can be "activated" in two ways: with your voice or a button. Simply say "Hey Siri" to your phone and as long as it's not too far away, you'll soon be greeted by her friendly voice. You can also activate her by pressing and holding the side or home button.

How Siri Helps Seniors

Opportunities are abundant for seniors to utilize Siri in their everyday lives. From communicating with loved ones to calling for help in case of a fall, this voice-activated assistant plays a critical role in living an independent and joyful life. Additional commands you can ask Siri are:

  • Setting up medication reminders
  • Receiving forecast updates
  • Making a call to someone
  • Texting someone and writing out the text
  • Creating a grocery list
  • Playing songs
  • Asking other questions such as "What are the nearest restaurants"
  • Giving commands such as "read my emails"

Experience the Ideal Retirement Lifestyle with Sarasota Bay Club

While it's important not to let this form of artificial intelligence completely replace human interaction, this technology helps seniors remember and learn certain information as well as maintain social connections. Advancements in technology are just one of many things that contribute to living an independent and purposeful life. Having a place to live that provides an array of services from healthcare to physical fitness makes life all the more enjoyable. Contact us today to learn what Sarasota Bay Club can offer your loved one.

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