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It Takes a Village At Any Age: The Benefits of a Community

by Frank Herold

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Living alone into old age, and in your own home, rings with the true-blue rugged individualism that is proudly, distinctly, American. And yet, studies confirm and reaffirm what those who live alone could already tell you: it is psychologically and even physically unhealthy. 

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Isolation & Illness

The persistence of many senior citizens to live alone (11 million, or 28%, according the U.S. Census Bureau) comes with dire health effects. Seniors who live alone have higher blood pressure and higher rates of depression. They're more pessimistic about the future and suffer higher rates of dementia. This isn't someone's opinion. It's been studied--extensively. A study by the Center for Cognitive Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago found that "loneliness" to be a risk factor and contributor to:

  • poorer overall cognitive performance
  • faster cognitive decline
  • poorer executive functioning
  • more negativity/depressive cognition
  • heightened sensitivity to social threats
  • and "a confirmatory bias in social cognition that is self-protective and paradoxically self-defeating, heightened anthropomorphism, and contagion that threatens social cohesion."

It Takes a Village--At Any Age

You don't need scientific research to confirm what common sense already tells us. The saying, "It takes a village," isn't true only for raising children. Humans are a social species. We survive on social interaction, and we thrive being around friends and family. Isolation is unnatural, and it's not the only option.

Communities that Care

People are biologically driven to care for one another. It not only keeps our species alive, but it gives us purpose. We are engineered not only to care for each other, but to be cared for. It's why our minds and bodies respond so positively, so energetically, to doctors and caregivers. It's why seniors who live alone are highly encouraged to get a dog. It's why community living is so beneficiamml. When the children are out of the house and the daily responsibilities of work no longer call, we need friends to force us out of the house. We need real interactions with friends to bring a smile to our face, enjoy daily activities together. 

Reluctance & Resistance

It's normal to not want to leave home. Its walls and floors and smells carry a familiarity and safety that is difficult to leave behind. But just as young men and women must leave the comforts of their childhood home, sometimes life demands that we move on, too. Whether for health, wealth, or a longing for good old fashion fun, think hard about taking a swift step into life's next chapter.

The Benefits of Sarasota Bay Club

Pools, bars, gyms, beaches, and shopping. Name it, we've got it. Sarasota Bay Club offers independent as well as assisted living. But it's not just amenities (or the constantly beautiful weather) that make Sarasota Bay Club so appealing: it's the people. Our philosophy, "The Art of Living," is to build lasting bonds by offering opportunities that engage our residents not only physically and socially, but also emotionally and spiritually as well. Whether your interests are in art, dance, sports, or finance, we'll have a club, lecture, or workshop on the schedule. Sarasota Bay Club hosts musical performances, public speakers (on everything from stress management to current events), book clubs, a wide range of bus trips and much, much more. And we don't just host professionals. We also tap into the passions and skills of our residents.

Contact us today to tell us your story, share your skills, and talk to one of our representatives about your future at Sarasota Bay Club.


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