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The Top 4 Coffee Houses In The Sarasota Area

by Sarasota Bay Club

Sarasota, Florida is an appealing place to live due to its proximity to amazing beaches and pleasant weather throughout the year. Sarasota is also home to a wide variety of coffee shops where you can enjoy a cup to jump-start your day. Let’s take a look at some of the best coffee shops in the area!

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Perq Coffee Bar

Perq Coffee Bar is not just a great place to enjoy your favorite coffee, it is also on a mission to help provide assistance and support to the local community through charitable works and offerings.

They are known to donate money to first responders in the community that is raised by customers who purchase extra-large-sized coffees. This act of goodwill has helped keep Perq Coffee Bar at the top of the list of places to get a great coffee in Sarasota. 

Project Coffee

Project Coffee is one of the few vegan coffee shops in the Sarasota area. They have three locations, all offering clients a wide variety of vegan options to accompany their coffee. The atmosphere is both modern and lively, with succulent plants irradiating the space.

Because everything in the coffee shop is 100% vegan, you can expect to get coffee topped with oat milk. It's an ideal coffee shop for individuals who are more conscious of what they consume.

If you want to pair your coffee with a healthy breakfast, you have the option of choosing a wide variety of healthy drinks or pastries from their breakfast menu.

Rise Up Café

What makes Rise Up Café popular in the Sarasota region is the fact that the coffee shop is one of the few in the area that highly promotes inclusion. The coffee shop is run by individuals suffering from various developmental and intellectual disabilities and is focused on providing equal opportunities to all. 

The objective of the coffee shop is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have an opportunity to earn a decent income. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is quite high, with 80% of them lacking a steady income.

There are a variety of coffee drinks available at the coffee shop, and you can enjoy some ice cream or treats along with a favorite cup of coffee. The ice cream is regarded as a special treat in the coffee shop since it's hand-crafted. They also have non-dairy options as well.

The Clever Cup

The Clever Cup was ranked as the best coffee shop in 2019 by Sarasota Magazine. They offer organic coffees originating from one of the best coffee shops in Venice (Black Gold Coffee Roasters). 

Some of the options available on their menu include croissants, muffins, handcrafted teas, and of course coffee drinks. The small local coffee shop is popular for its locally roasted coffee brews and they support local businesses by purchasing their pastries and featuring local artists. 

Enjoy everything that Sarasota has to offer from amazing coffee to fantastic restaurants, nightlife, culture, arts, and entertainment. Come see it for yourself at Sarasota Bay Club. Contact us today to schedule your private tour.

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