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The Top 4 Coffee Houses in the Sarasota Area: Enjoying A Great Cup Of Joe

by Frank Herold

Sarasota, Florida is the home of great palm-tree boulevards and the tropical weather that the aptly-named Sunshine State is known for. It also happens to host some of the best coffee shops around if you know where to look! We wanted to provide you with a quick look at some of the very best coffee shops in the area.

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Buddy Brew Coffee

The first thing you are likely to notice about Buddy Brew, a Sarasota coffee house, is their iconic dog head logo on nearly everything they sell. The dog is based on a real-life dog owned by the founders Dave and Susan Ward and, yes, their dog's name was Buddy. 

What started as a small shop has grown into a local Florida treasure that has seven locations and is visited by people from Sarasota all the way into the Tampa area. 

They continue to expand their offerings with some fan-favorites being: Black Lab Roast, Old Florida Roast, and the Rainforest Roast. You can pop in to enjoy a cup of coffee right at their shop, or you can purchase a bag of your favorite blend from their store for some at-home coffee goodness. 

Perq Coffee Bar

Perq Coffee Bar is not just a great place to enjoy your favorite coffee, it is also on a mission to help provide assistance and support to the local community through charitable works and offerings. 

They are known to donate money to first-responders in the community that is raised by customers who purchase extra-large-sized coffees. This act of goodwill has helped keep Perq Coffee Bar at the top of the list of places to get a great coffee in Sarasota. 

Breaking Wave Coffee 

Breaking Wave Coffee has some very best reviews of any coffee shop in the Sarasota area, and for good reason. 

They get their name from the fact that they are located right on the water. Customers can sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of waves crashing as they sip on their favorite beverage from this hotspot.

O & A Coffee 

Finally, don't miss out on O & A Coffee, another favorite of local Sarasota residents. 

O & A have never let their customers down because they provide some of the fanciest coffees that you could ever imagine at a price that is truly affordable. They even pour the coffees out of a tap. 

You can grab an espresso coffee at this shop for just four dollars and think that you are enjoying a beverage that should cost at least twice as much if not more. In the crowded coffee market that is Sarasota, Florida, O & A Coffee stands out as an industry leader that refused to be bested. 

Enjoy everything that Sarasota has to offer from amazing coffee to the fantastic restaurants, nightlife, culture, arts, and entertainment. Come see it for yourself, contact us today to schedule your own private tour.

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