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Top 10 Activities for Seniors in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

by Sarasota Bay Club

bingo.jpegLakewood Ranch, Florida, offers great senior living communities while making a continuous effort to enrich the lives of its residents with a host of activities and programs specially designed to fit their needs. There are many enjoyable activities that seniors can enjoy without worrying about health hazards or putting themselves through too much stress and work, such as:

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1. The Bingo Club, where nine games are played in a session for special gift cards sponsored by local vendors. A good place to pass the time in an enjoyable manner and win some exciting prizes at the same time.

2. Many studios provide art classes that provide a creative outlet for its members to get their creative juices flowing in various artistic disciplines such as painting and sculpting. Regular guest talks are scheduled with experts from different artistic backgrounds.

3. Educational activities such as the Genealogy club allow members to experience history in an intimate and fascinating manner. For more scholarly minded residents, these clubs are a great way to keep the mind sharp while learning something new.

4. The Lakewood Ranch Wine Club, which offers exquisite wine tasting experiences from the best local vineyards as well as international vendors. Members can taste the best varieties of wines that Florida has to offer.

5. Structured activities and adventure trips that take place at regular intervals make for a great opportunity to socialize and get to know other members.

6. Specially designed gyms allow for exercising activities that help members keep healthy in a carefully controlled environment. Watchful and experienced trainers keep a careful eye on the proceedings at all times.

7. Tai Chi and Yoga Classes teach various movement and relaxation techniques to help develop a healthier physique as well as a more positive frame of mind.

8. Rowing down the lake with trained, professional rowing partners makes for an enjoyable means of enjoying the natural beauty of the local area.

9. Take part in regular church activities at the local congressional meetings, where many religious topics are discussed as well providing a sanctuary of faith and pious belief for members.

10. The music club offers regular interactions with local and interstate musical talent, as well allowing members to indulge in their passion for music, which can take the form of learning to play an instrument, or discussing their favorite melodies from the past with like minded music lovers.

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