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5 Hobbies That Are Good for Seniors Health

by Sarasota Bay Club

As you get older, you tend to have a lot of free time to start exploring your passions and to find hobbies that you truly enjoy and ones that actually improve your health!

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Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

There are many fun activities that you can engage in to stay physically and mentally fit and, thanks to the wonderful yearlong weather in Sarasota, many can be done under the Florida sunshine. 

Here are the top five exciting and healthy hobbies that are perfect for seniors: 

Get Active With Low-Impact Sports

Engaging in low-impact sports as a hobby is one of the most effective ways to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

According to studies, adults aged 65 and above spend an average of 10 hours sitting or lying down. And since seniors are particularly susceptible to lifestyle diseases, the lack of physical activities can expose them to conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. 

There are many safe sports that seniors can engage in including swimming, squash, golf, etc. Besides being an excellent way to keep fit, sports provide a time to socialize with friends!


Walking has been shown to have a lot of benefits, both physically and cognitively. In addition to reducing stress and promoting an overall good mood, walking can help you lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress and anxiety, and develop better balance and coordination. 

Beyond the physical and mental benefits of walking, this activity offers an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature with friends and family. 

By walking regularly, you can keep anxiety and health complications at bay and accordingly achieve a better life. 


Reading is an enjoyable and non-strenuous activity that can help you strengthen your brain and even improve your mental health, memory retention, and quality of sleep. 

Playing Games

Some people have restricted physical mobility and may not be fit to engage in physically intensive hobbies. In such cases, playing games can be an effective way to stimulate the mind and promote better cognitive functionality.

Some stimulating games you may enjoy learning more about include pinochle, solitaire, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, bingo, scrabble, bingo, dominoes, and more.

Caring for a Pet 

Whether you choose to volunteer in an animal shelter or take care of a pet on a full-time basis, having pets around can offer the much-needed company and comfort. Some notable benefits of owning a pet include: 

  • Promotes Physical Activity–Tending for a pet is an active endeavor. Taking a dog for a walk or playing around with a cat can help to stay active and engaged. 
  • Lowers Blood Pressure–Having a pet helps lower a person's heart rate while keeping blood pressure at the required levels.  
  • Offers Mental Health Benefits–Studies show that pets can help reduce depression and anxiety in older adults. 

While picking a pet for a senior, it is essential to consider factors such as mobility, the attention the pets need, he type of breed, and any other relevant factor that is sure to promote senior's safety and wellbeing. 

Learn more about the recreation amenities available at Sarasota Bay Club or schedule a private tour today, contact us anytime and we’d be happy to answer any questions about our beautiful south Florida independent living community.   

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