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Everything You Need to Know About Wearing a Face Mask

by Sarasota Bay Club

It's becoming the norm for us all to wear face masks whenever we're going to be in a public setting where we will be in close contact with others. Whether it’s to protect yourself or others, going into a crowded public space—like the grocery store—means you should take caution. Here is everything you need to know about where to wear them, how to wear them, and how to make sure they stay in working order.

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Is There a Correct Way to Handle and Wear a Mask? 

The answer is yes. Choosing the best fit and wearing the mast correctly are two critical factors to consider. As instructed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), be sure you "wear your face covering correctly." 

  • Whenever you put your face covering on, cleanse your hands.
  • Your face covering should cover "your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin."
  • "Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face." You don't want to have to adjust your face mask. 
  • You want a face mask/covering that allows you to "breathe easily."
  • Whenever you take your face covering off, be careful to take off by straps that hold your mask in place. Wash your hands after handling.
  • As recommended, you should wash your face mask after every use, so you should have several in your wardrobe.

When Should a Face Mask be Worn in Public?

Though it’s not required to wear in Florida by law, it’s smart to take caution and better to wear one whenever you could be around crowds or people you don’t know.

Whenever you're going to be in an environment where you are in close contact with others, specifically, the recommendation is that everyone wears a face mask and exhibit social distancing. 

Some businesses may make it a requirement for customers to wear a face mask, and others may only allow curbside service. It's best to have a face-covering available whenever going out in public.

How to Care For a Mask

First thing first, if you’re using a disposable mask, dispose of it. They aren’t designed to be worn multiple times.

If you’re wearing a cloth mask, cleaning it is as easy as tossing it in with your laundry or scrubbing it with soap and water.

Making a Mask at Home

You may want to know how to make them at home. If you have experience sewing, making a mask is easy. If you don’t have any crafting know-how, learning is easy and there are many resources available online.

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