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How to Maintain Your Luxury Lifestyle in a Sarasota Retirement Community

by Sarasota Bay Club

Located south of Tampa Bay, Sarasota is home to some of the most prestigious and oldest operas, live theaters, museums, gardens, and ballets. It offers Florida's perfect weather and endless things to do from restaurant-quality dining and fitness centers to several miles of beautiful beaches and resort amenities. If you are thinking about retiring in Sarasota, here are some tips to help you maintain your luxury lifestyle in a retirement community.

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Top-Tier Amenities

Amenities available are the top considerations when moving into a retirement community. While amenities vary between different communities, most include a fitness center, wonderfully stocked library, arts and crafts studio, game rooms, theatre, and more. Look for activities you enjoy when touring each community to ensure you’ll always have something to do!

Regular Exercise and Therapy

Keeping active helps you stay healthy. Whether you want physical therapy without leaving the community, or want to take a swim in a spacious heated pool, there’s plenty to do and assistance is never far with these communities. At Sarasota Bay Club, medical services are also available on-premise at our Wellness Center, and for those who love the outdoors, you are always immersed in the beauty of a subtropical climate.

Social Interaction and Communication

Whether you are an active individual, or the type of person who enjoys spiritual contemplation, your assisted living facility should provide you with everything you’re looking for. Sarasota Bay Club offers classes in such subjects as investments and writing, and our social environment allows you to share your own talents, or pick up new ones from other residents.

Maintain Independence

Although you have people taking care of you in a retirement community, it is important to maintain a comfortable level of independence. The intent is to have the ability to make individualized plans, execute your interests, or visit places you wish. This gives you satisfaction while living the life you desire, whether living in a retirement community or not. Besides, caregivers have specialized training to allow senior citizens to live independently as they offer care.

Reside in Spacious Floor Plans

A luxury retirement home should be spacious enough and free from everyday distractions. This means living in a retirement home with contemporary features, such as smart-home technologies to high-end finishes, to help enhance your space. Also, focus on the latest interior design trends to have an abundance of space for entertainment and plenty of natural light to brighten your home. 

Experience Luxury Living at Sarasota Bay Club

Finding the balance that enables you to maintain luxury living in a retirement community creates an opportunity to live your desired life. At Sarasota Bay Club, we offer outstanding services and world-class amenities that create an environment for lavish experiences. For more information, contact Sarasota Bay Club to schedule a tour.

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