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How to Plan a Private Dinner Party: Sarasota Bay Club's Guide for the Senior Host

by Sarasota Bay Club

A good rule for retirement is to lean into the things that bring you joy. This includes spending time with the people who matter most to you and exploring every opportunity to make new friends. If you love being the "hostess with the mostess", then lean into dinner parties! Big or small, don't limit what brings you joy.

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Dinner parties are the perfect opportunity to gather and connect with new friends, old friends, and family through your carefully curated decorations, menu, and interior layout. When you retire, your new home should offer the same personalized hosting experience as your previous living space. At Sarasota Bay Club, we believe in supporting our community and fostering fulfilling experiences. That's why our dining rooms are open to all residents to book for private events.

We love creating special events for you and we can help make the planning simple. So etch your next occasion into your calendar because here are 3 things to consider for your next dinner party:



Occasion & Decor:

Whether for birthdays, holidays, a social club gala, or an intimate gathering, your dinner party decor sets the mood and leaves a lasting memory for all of your guests.

Casual or chic, decorative details embody the essence of your soirée. Lighting is key; candles create intimacy, while string lights add a festive touch. Choose a color scheme that complements your interior and works with textured runners, placemats, and napkins nodding subtly to your theme. Incorporate elements of nature like flowers and foliage for a refined touch. Decorations aren't just embellishments; they're threads weaving the story of a memorable night.



Dining Experience:

When hosting a dinner party, the key is to create an exceptional culinary experience. By including a variety of cultural dishes, you offer a diverse spread that caters to all dietary preferences. Whether your guests follow a vegan or gluten-conscious diet, presenting a range of options showcases your hospitality.

Your choice of silverware, table setting, and music selection should be carefully curated to enrich the theme of your event. Simplify menu planning by enlisting a professional chef or top-tier catering service. Every detail, from the centerpiece selection to the fold of a napkin, contributes to the art of hosting a dinner where each choice fosters connections.



Venue Versatility

The meticulous arrangement of your venue can greatly influence the quality of interpersonal interactions. When selecting a venue, it's crucial to have control over the interior design and ensure the layout aligns with the purpose of your event.

Transform your banquet into a grand gala by providing a spacious area for guests to transition between conversations post-meal. For a delightful family gathering, arrange a setup that seamlessly connects the dining room with a gaming area for you and the grandkids to enjoy. Alternatively, offer coffee and dessert on a cozy L or U-shaped sofa for intimate discussions with close friends.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Sarasota Bay Club residences, where every celebration becomes a memorable event. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a grand soiree, our exclusive dining spaces offer dining services, tailored feng shui, and customized decorating options—your imagination is our command.

Experience the luxury in person. Schedule your personal tour today and envision your next dinner party amidst the splendor of Sarasota Bay Club. Bookings are open and free to use for all residents, but reserve at least 48 hours in advance to secure your preferred venue and date. 

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