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How to Safely Care for Your Loved Ones at a Distance

by Sarasota Bay Club

Isolation and distancing have become a reality for everyone these days, especially those who live in senior care facilities. Now that we are not able to spend as much time together in the same way, it can be difficult to figure out how to best show care and concern for loved ones even though the stress and challenges of the times means that connection and support are more important than ever. Despite separation and distance, how can we genuinely provide care and support to those we love?

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Checking in by Telephone or Video Chat

Hearing the voice of someone you love and care about can be encouraging to the mind and lift the spirits of anyone  Although texting has gained popularity over the last few years, a phone conversation requires a certain level of engagement and focus. 

Hearing someone else's voice and having them share their thoughts and feelings can help people feel that they are not alone. Even better, 


Activities & Games

Whether it’s via phone or video call or online, there are many ways you can still play games and perform activities with your loved ones.

It can be as simple as playing online chess and checkers or playing card games over Zoom. No matter the game or activity, it’ll make your loved one’s days to be included in it and can involve the whole family.


Window Visits 

Although in-person visits may not necessarily be possible at this time, see if it is possible to have a "window" visit. 

When having a visit through a window be sure to be on the phone together so conversation can occur. Although you can't be face to face or touch, seeing loved ones can be uplifting.  


Gifts and Snail Mail

It is such a great thing to learn that someone is thinking of you, and a good way to show that is through a surprise gift delivery or an old-fashioned letter. 

Consider what would bring a smile and brighten your loved one's day. It could be food, a gadget, a game, or just a simple hand-written letter or card with family pictures in it.

Although current events have brought about further isolation for those who are most susceptible to illness, there are many ways to maintain communication and connection.  In fact, it is even more important to try to keep those relationships strong to encourage wellness and emotional health. 

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