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How You Can Prevent Heart Disease in Your Senior Years

by Sarasota Bay Club

Prevent Heart DiseaseIt is important to love your heart throughout your life, but as you age, it becomes even more important to look for ways to prevent heart disease.

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1. Reduce Stress.
Stress is never good for the heart, so it's important to find ways to eliminate as much stress as possible from your daily life. Stress can be reduced by both physical and mental interactions. Exercise, meditation, therapists, laughing, and volunteering all can play a part in helping you reduce your stress levels.

2. Exercise Daily.
Physical activity helps to keep your heart happy. Explore a variety of options until you find a few that work best for you. Walking in a park, water aerobics, and yoga are great options for seniors.

3. Know Your Risks.
If you're predisposed to heart disease, it is vital that you pay attention to your health, monitor changes, and see your medical professional regularly. If diabetes, heart disease, or stroke have affected your family members, your risk may be greater, which can cause problems if left undetected.

4. Don't Smoke.
Smoking causes a lengthy list of health problems, many of which revolve around the heart. To prevent heart disease, don't smoke, and if you do, quit!

5. Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure.
High blood pressure causes wear and tear on the lining of the heart that can often go unnoticed until severe damage has already been done. Monitoring your blood pressure and taking measures to lower it if it exceeds a healthy level can help prevent heart disease.

6. Monitor Your Cholesterol.
High or abnormal blood lipids (fats) are major contributors to heart disease. Bad lipids can be both genetic and influenced by external factors such as a poor diet.

7. Limit Your Calories.
A poor diet can be attributable to a number of negative health effects, many of which can cause problems to your heart. Limiting your calories can help keep your most important muscle moving happily.

8. Medicate Wisely.
Only consume medications per your doctor's instructions, including alternative medicines.

9. Stay Informed.
Science is constantly evolving. Stay abreast of the latest medical science findings.

10. Take Responsibility for Your Health.
Regular visits with medical professionals are essential. Don't skip appointments, and be honest with your doctors.

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