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Master New Skills Through Online Courses and Resources

by Sarasota Bay Club

When it's necessary to stay indoors, we can keep ourselves busy with educational fun and interactive technology. Seniors have the time to explore, discover, and never stop learning. No matter our age, "if you are looking to invest in something that will result in a great return, you should start with yourself. It will be the best thing you ever do!"

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Learning About Computers and the Skills to Get You on Your Way

Computers and technology can be overwhelming for anyone. If you're new to technology, this is a place to begin to learn the technology that can open up new ways to master new skills, both online and off. 

As you will discover, you can use your computer to show and teach you everything you need to learn new skills, especially computer skills. Here are a few links to help you become more familiar with your computer.

Your Computer is Your Face-to-Face Connection Tool

You don't have to worry about not seeing your loved ones and your dear friends. Today's technology allows you to have fun interacting with all those people who are near and dear to your heart. Now, your computer can help you chat with your doctor. Ask your physician if they offer telemedicine, and how you may benefit from using it. 

Some devices that can help you connect with your circle of family and friends, and there are applications you can put to use on your personal computer. When you learn how to use one or two of these platforms, you can spend time with your loved ones at any time. (Each link below takes you to a user guide.)

Employ Your Computer to Learn and Master New Skills

Your computer can become the best teacher because it can allow you to learn those skills you could never fit into your schedule when you were juggling work, family, and other life demands. Here are "6 Skills Seniors Can Learn Online." 

Allowing the computer to be your teacher, you can "invest in your creativity" to master new skills that can help enhance your memory and your health. From learning to play the guitar to having fun training your dog to learning yoga in the comfort of your home, the computer is your path to mastering skills at your own pace, and at the time you want to attend class. 

Your Computer Offers Pathways to Fun

If you love playing games or putting puzzles together, your computer gives you the means to have hours of fun. Even if you don't know how to play, you can begin mastering the games and taking on many puzzle challenges.

Create Amazing Picture Albums with Your Computer

Do you have years of family and friend pictures in boxes or old photo albums? A fun way to create beautiful memory books for your family and friends is to learn how to use Shutterfly. You can spend hours creating picture books with fun and memorable comments that make great gift ideas. 

You can fill your days learning and mastering new skills by employing your computer. Another great way to fulfill your retirement years is to surround yourself with caring and compassionate people. At Sarasota Bay Club, we invite you to explore the luxury we offer in our full-service retirement living community. You will love everything our community has to offer.

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