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Retirement Community Tips: Live a Life of Culture

by Sarasota Bay Club

Retirement Community Sarasota CultureHanging art is just one of the ways in which people improve their surroundings. Paintings, drawings, and photographs add color to bare walls. However, art is much more important to the human condition than simply as decoration, and this is well understood by a well-rounded retirement community.

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Art Tells a Story

The arts play an important role in life, allowing people to connect to their present, their past, and even to the possibility of the future. Stories need to be told, listened to and discussed, and what better way to motivate that discussion than to have a picture as a focal point. One where the picture has personal meaning, either because it is part of a personal collection, or has been created by a member of the assisted living community, the stories become personal as well.

Art Encourages Creativity

If your neighbor in a retirement community hangs their most recent creation in a social area, the first thing you will do is comment; offer constructive criticism and compliments. However, there is also an increased likelihood that it will awaken your creative spirit. You may not be gifted at painting or drawing, but that creativity may come in a different form. You may be encouraged to take up woodwork, or undertake a creative writing class; all from seeing the creative flare of your neighbor.

Art Creates Community Links

When the work of those within the senior living community is showcased next to that of local artists, the foundations are set for stronger ties with the local community. Where this leads, is up to you. You may be encouraged to visit artists giving master classes, take trips to local studios or galleries; the list is endless.

Finding the Art Inside You

At Sarasota Bay Club, we understand the importance of art to the social, creative and emotional aspects of resident’s lives. That is why we encourage everyone to share their art in shared areas, alongside the work of local artists. The art on display is rotated regularly to provide fresh insights and keep the creativity flowing.

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