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Talking to Your Parents About the Move to a Senior Living Community

by Sarasota Bay Club

Parents at Senior Living CommunityMany older people fear losing their independence and fear the change that comes with leaving their home and neighborhood. This can make talking to them about the move to senior living community particularly daunting.

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In fact, it is likely to be one of the hardest conversations you will ever have with your parent. There are several important points to remember when approaching this subject, such as:

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Discuss It as Soon as Possible
Deal with the matter of moving long before there is any need for them to do it. This can help the transition to go more smoothly than if the topic comes up right before they have to move.

If you have neglected this step, avoid demanding that your parent move. Instead, try to get them to understand that you are motivated by concern for them. They may be more willing to respond to your concern than to your demands.

Offer to Take Them to See Senior Living Communities
The move to a senior living community may be an easier one if they are familiar with them beforehand. Offer to take them on a tour of communities if they are interested. If not, do not nag them about it.

Be Ready to Take on the Role of Parent
If your parent is a procrastinator or someone who is simply refusing to plan, it may come down to you making the decision for them. This means that you have to take an honest look at the situation and evaluate the risks of them continuing to live on their own. This can be difficult since your parent is not a child; however, it is still your responsibility to help them figure out where they are going to spend their future.

Team Up
Your whole family should be involved in the decision. The responsibility should be divided so that no one person takes on more of the load. This can prevent resentment among siblings and a united front may convince your parent that the move is necessary.

Recognize Their Feelings
Your parent may fear being abandoned. It is important to remind them that they are not alone and the move to a senior living community does not mean that you are leaving them.

If you have more questions about helping your parent move into a senior living community or would like to schedule a free luncheon and tour so they can see what Sarasota Bay Club is all about, contact us today!

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