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Smartphone Tips for Seniors: 9 Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

by Frank Herold

Seniors are the fastest growing general demographic to embrace mobile technology. In Pew Research's most recently published study, approximately 50% of Americans over the age of 65 now own a smartphone or tablet, and this figure is continuing to grow. If you're part of growing market, then check out these 9 apps that will make your life easier:

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Smartphone Tips for Seniors: 9 Life-Simplifying Apps

These top apps for seniors will help make your life easier and simpler by taking on tasks and organization, along with providing helpful information.

1. Medisafe

Easily manage all of your medications and scheduling with this robust app. With this app you can even create status reports to see how well you've been managing your medications.

2. Mint Bills & Money

Never miss a bill again with this easy to set up and even easier to use money monitoring app. You can even pay for most (perhaps even all) of your bills via the app itself.

3. WebMD

Get answers to your medical questions and browse through high quality articles pertinent to your health. You can even get weather updates.

4. Evernote

This versatile app enables users to unify all of their notes, ranging from grocery lists to novel ideas, into one sync-able system.

5. Luminosity Brain Trainer

Education is paired with fun with this package of brain games designed to enhance cognitive abilities.

6. Red Panic Button

This app is great for seniors living alone or are otherwise in areas highly prone to injuries. With the simple touch of the app's red button, your pre-selected contacts will receive an immediate text message and email alert with the phone's current GPS coordinates

7. iHeartRadio

This unique radio stations player also works as a music recommendation service. This allows you to stream your favorite local stations in addition to getting curated favorites.

8. Dragon Dictation

Not so good with typing long emails? Dragon Dictation is an effective voice recognition application powered by industry-leading software that enables seniors (or anyone really) to quickly dictate emails and text messages.

9. A Story Before Bed

This first-of-its-kind app allows seniors to read and record a bedtime story that can then be sent out to their grandchildren. The kids can play back the reading as often as they like.

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