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Sarasota Bay Club: The Perfect Retirement Option with Ownership Options

by Sarasota Bay Club

SBC from afarBefore you find your way to the luxurious retirement community of Sarasota Bay Club, you should know why Sarasota is one of the top-ranked retirement options in the Southern United States. Just reported in March of this year, CNBC shared what they found out about retirement in this gulf side town. 

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Sarasota, FL: Just Rated One of the Top Options for Retirement in the South

Just an hour south from the metropolis of Tampa is a town rich in "art and cultural attractions" not far from "sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico." Retirees are finding that this majestic and thriving city has so much to offer them with endless activities and shops. It is reportedly one retirement option where "a retiree in Sarasota likely has a busier social calendar than someone half his or her age, as the area caters to its older residents." As so many of us know from social networks, it's definitely "our time" here for retirees looking to keep life exciting and interesting.


Sarasota Bay Club: It's an Exceptional Retirement Option to Call Sarasota Home

Once you find your way to Sarasota Bay Club, located on Sarasota Bay, you are minutes away from St. Armands Circle. As you read above, your social calendar will not only be filled with everything that Sarasota has to offer, but it is also filled with our events and activities. Living at Sarasota Bay Club offers you the option to live a peaceful and tranquil life or one that keeps your days filled with on-the-go excitement. Of course, the best option is that you have both options to do as you please when you please.  


Sarasota Bay Club Ownership Options: You Decide How You Would Like to Invest

We understand that all of our residents have different retirement conditions. It is our goal to give every resident an ownership option that fits their individual retirement plan. Each resident receives a Life Estate Deed that ensures a clear title, and gives them the right to the Unit for the rest of their life. 

  • You have three (3) options to purchase your condominium home.
  • All refund monies are sent to the resident or to the resident's estate.
  • Through the date of refund payment, monthly condominium fee and the real estate tax are the responsibility of the resident or resident's estate.


The Partner Plan

With this plan, you can take advantage of part of the appreciation of your condominium unit, while you also have some protection if the market has a setback when your unit sells. What refund to expect from your Unit's resale depends on your condominium's value within 30 days of the closing.

  1.  Appreciated Re-Sale Value
    1. 100% of the Base Purchase Price
    2. 25% of the Appreciation Value less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees
  2. Less Than Original Purchase Price Value
    1. 85%, higher percentage if applicable, of the Base Purchase Price less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees


The 90% Guaranteed Refund Plan

This plan is not subject to the current market values, and it refunds you back 90% of the Original Purchase Price less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees. Refund is contingent on resale, closing date or one (1) year of vacated time, whichever comes first. 


The Income Preservation Plan

This is our plan that helps you save money upfront with a discounted purchase price. Upon resale or one (1) year vacated time, a reduced refund is a percentage of resale value based on how many years of Unit ownership less: Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees.

  1. To Purchase: 75% of current Base Purchase Price
  2. At Resale or One (1) Year of Vacated Time: Reduced Refund based on Length of Condominium Ownership
    1. Less than 1 Year: 90% less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees
    2. 1-2 Years: 80% less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees
    3. 2-3 Years: 70% less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees
    4. 3-4 Years: 60% less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees
    5. 4 or More Years: 50% less Refurbishment Costs, Closing Costs, and Marketing Fees


Sarasota Bay Club: Flexible Options for a Luxurious Retirement Life

Come visit our welcoming retirement community, and discover that Sarasota Bay Club is an exquisite, retirement option. We are here to answer any questions you may have about your Ownership Options. Whether rain or sunshine, it is always a sunny day at Sarasota Bay Club.

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