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What To Take When Moving to an Assisted Living Community

by Sarasota Bay Club

Moving to an Assisted Living CommunityMoving to an assisted living community can be an enormous change for most people. You're leaving behind a home where you've comfortably created a life filled with memories and creature comforts and heading into a new world of unknown experiences.

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It's completely normal to experience a little anxiety as you pack up your items, but with a little preparation, your move to your new assisted living community will be a comfortable transition where you'll be making new friends and memories in no time.

Here are some things to consider:

If you're moving into an assisted living community that is fully furnished, you'll want to unload your current furniture. This will help you feel organized so you can get a handle on the remaining items that you may or may not take with you to your new home. If you won't need furniture, consider selling it or donating it to a local charity. You could also give it away to family or friends to lighten your load.
If your new home is not furnished, evaluate which pieces you'll actually need. You'll need a bed, a sofa, and a table, but other items may be luxuries that you could eliminate from your move. Know the dimensions of your new home before moving day so you can plan your layout and know what you have space for.

Decor & Keepsakes.
The littlest things are often those with the most sentimental value. Now it's time to evaluate which treasured items you must keep with you and which would be beautiful in your friends' or family members' homes. Set aside some pictures that will remind you of the people you love and the memories you've made, then decide which photos and household accessories would be best with someone else. A clock, a few pictures in frames, and a couple pieces of artwork will decorate your new space quite nicely.

If your closet is filled with endless possibilities, it might be best to downsize. Focus on keeping some casual clothing, some layering items such as button-down or zip sweaters, and pajamas. A formal outfit or two might be good to keep on hand, but donate the rest.

Are you looking for a beautiful assisted living community where the focus is on a combination of health and happiness for every resident? Contact our team at Sarasota Bay Club for more information about our wonderful community today!

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