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When is someone ready to consider living in a retirement community? [VIDEO]

by Sarasota Bay Club

Sarasota Bay Club is a luxury, full service retirement center located right on Sarasota Bay, in downtown Sarasota and the question is, when is someone ready to really consider living in a full service retirement community?

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Interestingly enough, most people's biggest objections to moving in -- is that, I'm not ready yet. And yet, the people that ultimately move in, their first comment is generally, why did I wait so long? So the timing is really dependent on what you're looking for. What we found is as people get older, they like to be in a situation where they have more time to do what they would like to do. And that's really how we've designed all of our services at Sarasota Bay Club. So that you can spend time doing what you feel is most important for you at this stage of life.

You can take advantage of the fact that we have our dining program, we have housekeeping, maintenance, we have a full activity program. But no one's forced to do anything. So you get to choose the lifestyle you want, in an environment that is extremely safe and secure, and has some of the health services available to deal with any circumstances that might arise as you live there. 

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