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4 Nutritional Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

by Sarasota Bay Club

The benefits of living in a retirement community are multifaceted. In addition to increased opportunities for an active social life, residents at most retirement communities can also enjoy the added nutritional benefits by eating on-campus.

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While everyone is still perfectly free to buy and cook their own food at home, residents of communities like Sarasota Bay Club will always have options that seniors living completely on their own will not like nutritionists, chefs, and menu options designed to promote health and nutrition.

4 Nutritional Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

When you live in a luxury, full-service retirement community like Sarasota Bay Club, you'll have access to the following dining options. 

Meal Plans

At many senior living communities, residents can benefit from individualized meal plans that take into account multiple aspects of health and nutrition.

  • Plans to Fit Your Needs—Based on where we are in our life, our individual nutritional needs will vary. Because of our age, existing health issues, or doctor's recommendations, we may need to increase or decrease our consumption of certain types of foods. With an individualized meal plan, this can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. You'll get what you need when you need it. 
  • Enjoy Seasonal Availabilities—Living as we do on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we have access to some of the best in-season fruits and vegetables in the world. When items like these are incorporated into our meal plans, residents can enjoy foods at the height of their nutritional value and stay healthier as a result. 
  • Something for Every Preference—Everyone has individual tastes. This is one of the main reasons why a one-size-fits-all menu doesn't work and why we offer individualized meal plans for our residents.

When people are able to eat what they like, they enjoy higher rates of nutrition and personal enjoyment.  

On-Campus Food Delivery

Some days it just makes sense to order in.

While many of us might turn to restaurant delivery or DoorDash, members of a luxury retirement community like Sarasota Bay Club can avail themselves of on-campus food delivery services. 

  • Save time
  • Conserve energy
  • Eat fresh, well-prepared meals
  • Stay cozy at home

Especially during times of increased public health concerns, on-campus food delivery services are a definite plus. 

Private Restaurants

Though communities like Sarasota Bay Club are often just a few minutes' drive from high-class, downtown clubs and restaurants, there's just something wonderful about an exclusive, members-only restaurant that will never lose its appeal.

With both formal and casual dining options available, members can enjoy a meal no matter their mood. In the long run, flexible options like these lead to increased nutrition rates for seniors. 

Curated Meals

Giving residents total control over their meals has proven effective for Sarasota Bay Club; however, we've found that one of the options residents enjoy having is, ironically, the option to let go and stop worrying about their next meal.

With curated meals, residents can communicate their tastes and needs before sitting back and letting dishes be prepared for them without the need for constant input.

This is just another way that we've found to increase our residents' overall nutritional rates. 

Try Sarasota Bay

Sarasota Bay Club is a luxury, full-service retirement living community nestled snugly in a community. Locally owned and operated, it's perfectly positioned to provide high-quality care. One area in which we pride ourselves is our dining services. We offer a wide variety of options so that you can always feel free to dine your way.

To hear more about all we have to offer, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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