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Guide to Healthy Aging Home Renovations For a Luxury Retirement

by Sarasota Bay Club

Retirement should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but everyday tasks can be taxing and lead to potential injuries or disruptions. For example, osteoarthritis, a common condition in adults over 60, can make daily chores and regular maintenance more difficult and even worsen symptoms.

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To prepare for a healthy retirement, here are some tips for making your home continuously accessible so you can stay healthy while living your luxurious retirement to the fullest.


Invest in Kitchen that Will Age with You

As you age, it becomes prudent to invest in high-quality kitchen appliances that promise longevity and negate the need for frequent replacements. Next time you’re redesigning your kitchen, consider luxury brands that provide efficient technology and durable products.

You’ll also want to think where you can store your kitchen accessories so they’ll always be easily accessible. Consider redesigning your storage space with vertical drawers or pull-down shelving so you won’t strain your knees, shoulders, or back when reaching or bending.


Turn Your Lounge into a Premier Entertainment Space

When redesigning your living room, begin by investing in chairs and sofas that not only enhance the room's visual appeal but also provide exceptional support. Choose brands known for durability and style, opting for seating that blends luxury with practicality, like a recliner with a built-in mini fridge.

Your entertainment space must feature optimal lighting that ensures safe navigation, minimizes eye strain, and establishes your ideal ambiance. Enhance your music and TV experience, even with hearing impairments, by investing in a superior sound system that provides clearer and richer audio quality. This thoughtful approach to lounge design not only meets your immediate needs, but also enhances your quality of life for the long haul.

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Reduce Sleep Issues and Protect Your Body with Comfort-Design Bedding

As you age, sleep quality becomes both increasingly important and harder to come by. When redesigning your bedroom, consider high-quality mattresses and ergonomic furniture that will reduce sleep disturbances associated with aging such as muscle and joint pain.

Adjustable beds are not only for the bed-ridden; they help relieve pressure and enhance sleep posture for healthy aging. Combine them with a memory foam or hybrid mattress, and add a smart heating and cooling mattress topper for a design that soothes your body and ensures restful sleep for years to come.


Create a Wellness Room

Wellness rooms, a relatively new home-design trend, are spaces that are dedicated to relaxation and self-care. You may want to equip your space with features like meditation areas, yoga mats, or set up a hobby table or reading nook.

Wellness rooms can also serve as dedicated spaces designed to promote healthy aging. These areas might be equipped with luxurious spa amenities, offering a tranquil retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, they can be set up to accommodate home or virtual doctors' appointments, ensuring that health assessments and consultations are convenient and accessible. 


Design Your Bathroom for Independence

Incorporating luxury bathroom features is a forward-thinking approach to promoting healthy aging. High-end bathroom amenities, like walk-in bathtubs equipped with soothing massage jets or bidet toilets that ensure cleanliness with ease, can transform your daily bathroom routine into experiences steeped in luxury.

At the same time, these bathroom features also prioritize your safety, support, and long term independence. Designed for ease of use, they adapt to your changing needs, help you maintain independence, and improve your quality of life into the later years.

Ensure you’re set up for a stress free-retirement with additional measures for house upkeep and safety. At Sarasota Bay Club, our outstanding services, luxury amenities, and consistent security monitoring allows our residents to live their retirement years to the fullest.

Ready for carefree living? Book a tour with Sarasota Bay Club to see how our continuing care, luxury retirement community can set you up for a long and stress-free retirement.

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