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Helpful Wearable Technology Designed to Improve Retirement Life

by Sarasota Bay Club

Technology does best when it provides truly useful features such as enabling people to keep track of important aspects of their lives. For seniors, one of the more important facets of their life is their health and well-being.

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The Benefits of Wearable Technology

Up until fairly recently, the average senior had little access to technology other than an alert button to wear around their neck in case of a fall. If they wanted any information about their pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, or other medical data, they had to schedule an appointment with their doctor.

With all the recent advancements in technology for seniors, now there is a plethora of devices that allow a person to keep track of important health information that can then be relayed to their doctor. Wearable technology can also offer important feedback to the wearer such as whether they are meeting their physician's recommended exercise goals. 

Additionally, there is wearable technology that can provide GPS coordinates, so seniors (or their loved ones) can keep track of their whereabouts during those times when they need to travel in unfamiliar areas. 

There are also devices that offer reminders to take medication at designated times.

Types of Wearable Devices and Technology

Activity Trackers

If you're looking for a device to help keep you motivated to exercise, activity trackers such as a Garmin or Fitbit are a great choice. 

Both of these devices monitor activity such as the number of steps taken in any given day, along with other important health information like heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity. 

Many people find these devices very motivating, providing just enough incentive to get in some extra steps by parking farther away from a grocery store entrance, or walking an extra block during a nightly stroll.

Smart Watches

For those who like the idea of wearing a device that can truly do it all, the Samsung Gear S3 and the Apple Watch 4 are both great smartwatch choices. 

Both the Apple and the Samsung offer all the basic activity tracking that the Garmin and Fitbit devices do, along with other features that go much farther than basic activity tracking.   

The Samsung Gear can track GPS location, notify emergency contacts at the press of a button, and it has the ability to record an ECG. The watch also has a trip detection feature, meaning that if it detects the wearer experienced a hard fall, it will automatically notify their emergency contact.

The Apple Watch 4 also has a trip detection feature, along with the ability to record an ECG, then relay this information to the wearer, their doctors, and their caregivers. 

Medication Reminders

Some retirees take five or more medications per day and may find it difficult to maintain a consistent schedule when it comes to taking their medication as prescribed. 

A medication reminder watch is a great technology for seniors, providing them with timely, programmed reminders to take their medication on time, every time.

They can be programmed to set off an alarm or vibrate multiple times during a given time period. They can also provide a brief message as to which pill should be taken. Some are capable of storing a person's medical history in case of an emergency, also. 

Where you live can have a big impact on your health. Sarasota Bay Club is proud to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for all of our residents. Learn more about the amenities and activities on our campus, contact us today.

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