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Why We Left Our Longboat Key Home for Sarasota Bay Club

Posted by Don Hase on November 15, 2016

One thing that I learned is to never say never. My wife and I have been retired for a good number of years now. One thing we have always agreed on was that we would never want to lose our independence or become a burden to our children. We also agreed that we would never ever move into a retirement community. 

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Our family is forever indebted to you

Posted by Jodie Cohen Gold on October 25, 2016

Dear Gail,

I just had to write to you to let you know how grateful I am for how well we have all been treated for the past 10 years while my parents resided at the Bay Club.  From the beginning, your employees acted as if it was more than just a job.  There was a caring and concern that went above and beyond the call of duty.

My folks moved in as healthy 80-somethings with two cars and a series subscription to every art venue in Sarasota.  I remember encouraging them to move in when they thought they were “far too young and not in need of a place like that.”  I also remember a widow watching with tears in her eyes as they moved in congratulating them for making the move because they wanted to, not because they HAD too.  They loved every minute of their new active life with less stress and responsibility and the option of having someone else do the cooking!   Your staff became their friends and extended family during this time. 

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It's Only A Number

Posted by Richard Cook on October 13, 2016

 When I was a boy, my parents told me the anticipated lifespan of the average male in England was three score years and ten.... but I never paid any attention to this as getting old was something that happened to other people... old people. It was just a number to me like a good score in a game of cricket. If extras were added that would be terrific but seventy was considered a pretty good knock. With his innings over, the batsman would quietly take off his pads and, with a wave, bid farewell to the locker room of life. What a tought!

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