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Why Move to a Senior Living Community Instead of Using In-Home Service

by Sarasota Bay Club

Senior Living Community vs. In-Home ServicesIf you or someone in your family is considering moving to a senior living community, it is natural to think about the reasons for such a move. For most seniors and their families, the move from their home is not an easy one. The fact is that most seniors (quite naturally) want to stay at home. The problem is that this is not always the best option, especially when the benefits of life in a senior living community are considered. Here are some of the reasons to move:

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Safety Concerns
A senior living on their own is vulnerable to a host of potential safety issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a third of all adults over 65 falls every year and they can suffer a range of injuries ranging from head trauma and fractures to death. A senior living alone is less likely to be discovered after a fall. Other concerns include risks of encountering scam artists and intruders. All of these are reduced with a move to a senior living community.

Increased Health Care Concerns
Your elderly loved one may have a chronic condition that is worsening. This means that they will need help especially since conditions like dementia, COPD and congestive heart failure are progressive and can cause very sudden declines in health.

They Are Isolated
Living alone can cause a senior to become socially isolated and that can lead to depression. Depression is a cause of serious health problems among seniors. A senior living community can provide them with opportunities to meet others who share their interests and who can empathize with the challenges that aging brings. They will also get to participate in the programs and activities that senior living communities offer. These can range from outings to playing card and board games or they may even get the opportunity to take up a new hobby.

Noticeable Weight Gain or Weight Loss
A senior may gain or lose weight significantly after living alone for an extended period. Conditions including depression can result in severe weight loss while diabetes and dementia may cause an individual to gain a lot of weight. In either case, a move to a senior living community might be the answer as they will be provided with nutritious meals and their eating habits will be monitored.

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